The Nazi Occult & The Christian Response

The 1889 painting created in the year of the birth of Adolf Hitler depicts the return of Wotan and the coming chaos. The ‘Wild Chase’ by Franz Stuk had long been rumored in occult circles to have been a prophecy of Hitler’s rise to power.
Hitler’s personal medium Erik Jan Hanussen performing an illuminated seance.
The Hitler Youth performing a solstice ceremony, dressed in ancient style tunics.
A German folk pagan festival in the 1930's.
The arrest photos of the 21 year old Sophie Scholl, the writer of the ‘White Rose’ leaflets. Taken in February 1943, hours before she was beheaded by the Nazis.




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Tristan Erwin

Tristan Erwin

History student at UNG Military College. Specialist in European history and Mythology. Footnotes and Bibliography always provided. Only scholarly sources used.